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today i just heard about penny stocks and i was wondering?

August 21, 2008 by   Filed under Todays Watchlist


today i just heard about penny stocks and i was wondering?
2008-08-21 13:15:34
since google was once a penny stock what current penny stock(s) do you think will be high in value within the next 10 years?
penny stocks
because? google was once lle action penny for penny stocks that you think will be running high in value within 10 years to come?


5 Responses to “today i just heard about penny stocks and i was wondering?”
  1. Kevin S says:

    You mean out of the thousands and thousands of them which select few will grow to several thousand times its current value ten years in the future?

    Grab your magic 8 ball and start going down the line.

  2. Eddy T says:

    Those penny stock with good Balance Sheet listed in FTSE 100.

  3. Irma G says:

    It means nothing. Bill Gates started out in a garage.

  4. James D says:

    Do some research on the company. There is limited information required for a company to be listed on the “Pink Sheet’s” (penny stocks). So, for the most part there is no way for you to determine how the company is performing. A company that post all of there financial records may be a good sign. You really want to be cautious when trading penny stocks, you can generate big losses. I work in the industry, and have seen an account go from $20k to zero, just from trading penny stock.

  5. Mark S says:

    Google has never been a penny stock. In fact Google’s stock price has never even been below $100 a share. Very few companies that start out as penny stocks ever make it to one of the big boards. In today’s environment the number of penny stocks that will succeed is even smaller because small startup companies rely much more heavily on credit, and in today’s economy, credit is difficult to come by.

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