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Most Whispered About Stocks: HELI, ESPH, and AMEL

June 22, 2010 by   Filed under Todays Watchlist


June 22nd, 2010-

Here are today’s most talked about stocks:

HELI- Heli Electronics Corp.

HELI has been on a huge run since Friday, sparked by some huge news.  The share price has already doubled so there might be a pullback this morning, but either way expect this to be extremely active.

About HELI

Heli Electronics Corp. (www.helielectronics.com) is traded under the symbol HELI on the OTCBB exchange and is based in Guangzhou, China. It is the primary marketing, promotion, logistics, and after-sales service agency of audio and visual (AV) products for Haier Group, a world leader in electronics and electrical appliances. Its products include speakers, multimedia stereo systems, and home theatres, among other types of AV products. The company seeks to establish a broad network in China to provide comprehensive after-sales service, brand establishment, brand promotion, distribution, and logistics management of a wide array of electronics and electrical appliances. Backed by Haier’s strong brand presence and an abundance of sales channels throughout Mainland China, HELI has grown immensely since its inception in March 2008.

ESPH- Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.

ESPH has been one of our favorite stocks here for a couple weeks now.  Since our first mention at 1.35 it dipped as low as 1.25 and is currently trading at 1.75, trading heavy volume every day.  This is going to be one of the OTC’s strongest trading stocks this summer.

About ESPH

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ESPH – News) is a diversified water engineering and environmental services company. The Company provides environmental services and technologies for use in large-scale and sustainable applications across industries, nations and ecosystems.

AMEL- AmeriLithium Corp.

AMEL has been another one of our favorite stocks, and we’re not the only ones judging by the volume.  I’m not sure which direction the stock will go from here as it has potential to move either way, but it is worth watching closely.

About AMEL

AmeriLithium is a publicly traded (NASD OTC BB: AMEL), mining company committed to progressively developing into one of the leading American players in the global lithium industry. The Company is headquartered in Lake Tahoe, NV. AmeriLithium has amassed a lithium portfolio consisting of ~724,000 acres, including three Nevada-based projects nearby the only lithium producing plant in the US, a large project in Alberta, Canada, and a project in Western Australia.


On the OTC market, the most talked about stocks are usually the best stocks to trade.  In this blog, we will give you a daily snapshot of which stocks are being talked about most in newsletters, message boards, and chat rooms.  Now not all of these stocks are necessarily being talked about for good reasons, so make sure to do your due diligence.

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