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Most Whispered About Stocks: ESPH, HIDE, IVIT

June 11, 2010 by   Filed under Todays Watchlist


These are today’s most talked about stocks:

ESPH- Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.

ESPH, has been one of the most talked about stocks on the OTC market, ever since announcing its technology is being looked at as one of the solutions to BP’s mess in the gulf, more information here (http://whisperfromwallstreet.com/ecosphere-technologies-esph-solution-to-bp-oil-spill/).  Yesterday it traded over 1,000 trades, and was up over 10%, look for the momentum to continue.

About Ecosphere Technologies:

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ESPH) is a diversified water engineering and environmental services company. The Company provides environmental services and technologies for use in large-scale and sustainable applications across industries, nations and ecosystems.

HIDE- Hidenet Secure Architectures Inc.

HIDE is InvestorsHub.com’s #1 breakout board since yesterday.  After falling from .35 to .15 and then making a slight bounce yesterday, it looks like traders are ready to make a play on this stock from here.

Hidenet is now operating as Nucentcom, Inc.

Nucentcom, Inc. is a state-of-the-art, facilities-based telecommunications and technology company specializing in providing retail, wholesale (carrier’s carrier) and other telecommunications services to carriers and subscribers in North America, Europe and Asia through the innovative use of proven technologies. Our proprietary call-processing methodology and innovative technology enable the deployment of a variety of revenue-generating services.

IVIT- Invicta Group, Inc.

IVIT is another one of InvestorsHub.com’s breakout boards.  This subpenny has fallen a bit in recent weeks, however, it shows promise that it may be able to pop upward from time to time.  So traders are getting in position to take advantage of these potentially lucrative moves.

About Invicta Group, Inc.
INVICTA GROUP, Inc. (Pinksheets:IVIT) is a full service multimedia management and marketing company. The Invicta Group is a conglomerate that utilizes shared resources to create synergies between their projects and companies and creates a lower cost of entry into the marketplace and almost instant start up capabilities for new products, services, and clients. www.IVITgroup.com


On the OTC market, the most talked about stocks are usually the best stocks to trade.  In this blog, we will give you a daily snapshot of which stocks are being talked about most in newsletters, message boards, and chat rooms.  Now not all of these stocks are necessarily being talked about for good reasons, so make sure to do your due diligence.

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