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Is it possible to make money on penny stocks?

March 10, 2008 by   Filed under Todays Watchlist


Is it possible to make money on penny stocks?
2008-03-10 15:10:13
With liquidity so low and the opportunity for being duped so high has anyone ever made a living buying and selling penny stocks? I mean I know the people behind the scenes make money, but any outside people?
penny stocks
With the liquidity? level so low? and the opportunity to read duped? on anyone who ever makes the penny stock purchase and sale of living? I mean I know the people behind the scenes makes the money, but all the people outside?


5 Responses to “Is it possible to make money on penny stocks?”
  1. raysor says:

    Not outsiders. Unless really, really lucky.

  2. MadMan says:

    Yes, of course it is. Much more likely to lose all your money.

  3. Marco R says:


    It is certainly possible to make money or to lose your shirt on penny stocks. I personally know plenty of people who have done one or the other of those. But the problem is the high volatility and inherent unstable nature of these stocks. This often causes them to move a huge amount for no apparent reason, both up and down.

    Is it possible? Yes, certainly. Would I recommend it for most people? Never.

  4. Net Advisor says:

    In the modern days of regulation, I am amazed that penny stocks are not more regulated.

    Most people lose money. The market makers and the people who brought the stock public tend to make the lion’s share.

    Occasionally, their is a legit company of the 1000’s of shells. This is RARE. The odds of finding it is like playing the lotto.

  5. sir_roxalott says:

    I know how.
    Good Luck

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