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Using Situational Analysis To Trade Penny Stocks

June 2, 2014 by   Filed under Long Term OTC Ideas

 WhisperfromWallStreet focuses on the predictable and profitable results that can  come from properly applying Situational Analysis.  Situational Analysis is nothing more than looking at events effecting a stock and  how investors respond to them. For NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ stocks, situational  analysis would include watching for dividend announcements, FDA approvals, or  share repurchase programs to […]

You Should Really Watch This PSID Video

May 20, 2014 by   Filed under Long Term OTC Ideas

PositiveID Corp. Ticker: PSID PSID develops airborne threat detection systems that keep us safe from biological and chemical attack as well as natural airborne threats like molds and bacterias. We think PSID is a fantastic opportunity for both short and long term investors.  If you watch this short explainer video, we think you will agree […]

Brazil Minerals, Inc. (BMIX) Video Profile

March 9, 2014 by   Filed under Long Term OTC Ideas

  Brazil Minerals Inc. BMIX is a diversified mining company with interests in both producing and exploration projects in Brazil. Management has over 100 years of collective Brazilian mining experience. When you evaluate the long term prospects of a company, start with the management. As you will see, BMIX is in great hands. Brazil Minerals Business Strategy Control […]

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