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$BRZG WhisperFromWallStreet.com Alert BRZG

May 5, 2010 by   Filed under Todays Watchlist


Hello All,

AJGH, which we put out on our Facebook page two days ago at $1.30 hit a high of $1.65 today for a 27% price gain. Nice job to those that took advantage and booked profits. It was a nice little run.

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EQLB took a hit today as the overall market made investors nervous and day traders got out. The stock is now below my alert price but has bounced off the bottom. The stock came down on very little volume so I think for those in it the stock will bounce back pretty easily when buyers come around. I hear the company has some exciting news announcements they are working on and this should get it back on track. Keep a close eye on it.

As of late we have had great success with some of the higher priced alerts trading on the OTC:BB so I found another one that looks great.

This stock reminds me a lot of GRPR which was a great win for us gaining 41% over the last two weeks.

So lets get right into it:

My new alert is Brazil Gold Corp., BRZG, and the stock closed today at $1.13.

Please begin your research here www.brazilgold.com, and here http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=BRZG.OB.

Here are a few facts to get you started.

BRZG is a independent gold exploration company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with an agreement to acquire over 2.1 million acres of mineral exploration properties in the gold-rich western Amazon basin of Brazil, in areas that have seen significant historical gold production using only rudimentary evaluation and exploration methods.

BRZG’s stated objective is to explore for world-class gold deposits using modern technology in these untapped areas of minimal resource development.

BRZG had an eventful April, starting the month with the announcement of a bridge financing arrangement with a US-based private company for up to $2,000,000 in funding.

BRZG secured this financing in an effort to commence with implementation of their operations and exploration strategy. The financing was a good indication of confidence in the future of BRZG’s projects.

About BRZG’s properties:

BRZG’s Amazonia properties are massive mineral properties in need of exploration and geological work to delineate and high-grade prospects.

Garimpo (hand-dug) mines in the Amazon region have reportedly produced over $200 million worth of gold at today’s prices.

If that much gold has been uncovered digging by hand imagine how successful BRZG can be in this region using advanced mining methods!

BRZG’s properties are relatively close to the new Apui gold discovery (2007) and the prolific Tapajos River Gold District, which is reported to have produced over 20 million ounces of gold.

That’s $23 Billion in gold production at today’s prices from this area so you can see this is a great area to have leases.

BRZG has started Phase 1 which will consist of mapping and extensive saprolite/rock, soil, stream sediment sampling, and the interpretation of existing reconnaissance airborne geophysical surveys.

BRGZ also plans on additional airborne and follow up ground geophysical surveys.

This is being done with the objective of finding the structures that may control mineralization.

BRZG also plans on doing extensive trenching during in phase 1.

A budget of approximately US$ 2,750,000 is proposed for phase 1.

Contingent on the results of Phase 1, the exploration program will enter into Phase 2, involving additional mapping and sampling, trenching and 6,000 meters of diamond drilling. The exact positioning of drill holes is to be determined following the Phase
1 geophysical programs, in combination with geological and geochemical results. A budget of approximately US$ 2,300,000 is proposed for the development of Phase 2.

Recently BRZG announced the engagement of an Exploration Manager and is mobilizing a geological team on their property.

Today BRZG reported the first results of preliminary prospecting and exploration activities on its properties.

Here is the headline and link to the news.

Brazil Gold Reports on Prospecting & Exploration Activities in Brazil


Here is a quote from BRZG from the press release:

Phillip Jennings, Brazil Gold VP & Director stated “This recent work effort by ACP has greatly increased our knowledge of the relative positions of existing workings and mineralization at Theobroma, and confirms to us that we are on the right path.
Mapping and sampling with the aid of historical garimpeiro production raises our odds of success enormously.”

The reports were taken from approximately 5% of the total area of BRZG’s prospective properties.

It will be exciting to see the total numbers as BRZG continues to prospect the remaining 95% of their property.

Here are some reasons I the stock here:

Gold prices are back on the rise!

After a huge move last year up to a high in November of $1214 gold sold off and traded sideways for months. Over the last couple days gold just went above the $1160 resestance area and is headed higher again.

When gold is hot gold stocks usually do well as investors look for ways to take advantage of rising prices.

BRZG has been very active the last few weeks. The average daily volume is over 400,000 shares a day. This means the stock is liquid and buyers are around.

BRZG has traded between $1 and $1.17 the last couple weeks. A couple days (today included) the stock sold off below $1, found support at .85 and bounced right back. This is a great sign that there is strong support for this stock.

BRZG looks like it cleared out sellers today and now is getting ready to break out.

Get ready to book your profits with BRZG.

As always do your own research, always use stop loss orders, and ALWAYS book your profits when in a position to do so.

Good Investing.


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  1. Wayne says:

    Thanks for the BRZG.OB pick. I’m heading over to join the facebook fan page right now. I’ve been looking the shoe industry for a possible entry (NKE,SHOO,SKX). Great charts and earnings over the past quarter or so. Any thoughts? good stocks to invest in

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