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$ASYI WhisperFromWallStreet.com Alert ASYI

May 24, 2010 by   Filed under Todays Watchlist


Hello All,

Get out your reading glasses because today’s alert if full of great information. You are going to want to read all of this.

As I mentioned in yesterdays newsletter I think today’s alert has a big “WOW factor.

This company truly has a chance to revolutionize a half a trillion dollar a year industry.

I know when reading penny stock newsletters you hear that a lot but you will see that this is a company that really has the potential to do this.

You RARELY ever hear me say that an OTC stock could be a great long term hold but I think this company could be a great short term trade as well as a stock you could pick up and put away long term.

Lets get to it.

My alert today is AISystems Inc. (ASYI) and it closed Friday at 51 cents.

Please begin your research here http://www.aisystems.org, and here http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=ASYI.OB

ASYI is a technology leader that has developed a proprietary business platform software system for the airline industry called jetEngine(TM).

ASYI’s jetEngine(TM) is a revolutionary new platform for strategic airline management that enhances business planning and operational capabilities..

The total potential market for the jetEngine(TM) platform includes all commercial airlines.

Currently the Airline industry is a half a trillion dollar industry. However, there is the old saying that says, “the easiest way to become a millionaire is to start out a billionaire then go into the airline business”.

Why is this?

Why is it so hard to make money in the airline industry?

Well, one of the main reasons is the man hours required to compute the logistics necessary for an airline to run properly.

Have you ever gone through an airport and wondered how much planning it takes for this industry to work? (yes, I know most times I am in the airport I don’t think the industry works very well at
all but that is another story.) 🙂

Did you know it currently takes each airline hundreds of employees running up to 200 separate computer systems 3 months to create a 6 month airline schedule that addresses flight times, fleet, maintenance, flight crews, baggage crews, and ground support?

The cost of logistics is staggering for each airline and up till now there was nothing airlines could do about it. It was just a HUGE cost of business they had to deal with.

This is where ASYI comes in.

ASYI is a technology leader that has developed a proprietary business platform software system for the airline industry called jetEngine(TM).

ASYI’s jetEngine(TM) is comprised of two suites of products that focus on enhancing the business planning and operational areas of an airline:

-jetEngine(TM) Business Planning Suite: This is a suite of four modules that enhance the strategic business planning capabilities of airlines through the integration of all of the key functions required to prepare an airline’s business plan.

-jetEngine(TM) O/S: This is a suite of four operational modules that integrate the schedule planning, crew planning, revenue management and integrated operations functions in real time.

Here is the key!! Using jetEngine 20 employees, using 1 system, can create a 6 month schedule in days instead of months!!!

Can see how ASYI will be beneficial for airlines? Can you see how this product will be able to reduce the costs for each airline by tens or hundreds of millions of dollars a year?

This is a product that has the potential to revolutionize the airline industry and in doing so generate huge amounts of revenue.

OK,so knowing that, how does ASYI profit?

ASYI profits through three revenue streams.

The recurring license of jetEngine’s Business Planning Suite:

-Upfront fees of jetEngine O/S of $500K for each module due upon contract signing

-Annual recurring fees of up to $1 million dollars per airline.

-A recurring fee of up to $0.40 per passenger ticket.

Obviously the real potential for ASYI revenue stream lies in the recurring license. ASYI has no real overhead against these long term fees. Most of these reoccurring fees will go right to the bottom line.

Here’s why I like ASYI now:

The technology is so impressive that a former head of Google’s Corporate Development Group invested over $5 Million dollars in ASYI!!

Investors and traders alike will love this story.

ASYI has only been trading for a short time. They just went public in March and started trading in late April.

ASYI has only issued two press releases since going public and they were both last week.

This means investors are now starting to find out about ASYI.

Volume has been light until last Friday where it picked up because of the news. This means we are ahead of the pack on this one.

ASYI announced Friday that that they sponsored the 16th Annual International Airline Symposium where they were able to show their product to the airline industry.

This should lead to MANY strong press releases ahead to generate additional interest in ASYI stock.

I will be buying shares in ASYI for my long term account tomorrow as well. I really like this one and think this will be a great winner for us.

Get ready to book your profits with ASYI.

As always do your own research, always use stop loss orders, and ALWAYS book your profits when in a position to do so.

Good Investing,


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