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About Us

Thank You for your interest in WhisperfromWallStreet.com. Our site and newsletter service is a trusted source for penny stock information by more than 143,000 investors just like you.

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Who We Are

My name is Mark and I am the editor of WhisperfromWallStreet.

I have almost 30 years experience in the OTC markets.

  • I started working with OTC stocks as a stockbroker in the 80s,

  • I then raised millions of dollars for OTC companies in the 90s,

  • Most recently I spent most of the last 15 years helping public companies share their stories with the investment community.

I used my experience and understanding of the OTC markets to developed a highly effective trading strategy and earn over a million dollars trading penny stocks.

My trusted right hand man Sean has almost 10 years of OTC experience and can sniff out winning stocks with the best of them. He is a master when it comes to filtering the noise of the OTC market and honing in on the stocks that matter.

What We Do

WhisperfromWallStreet.com is a free online resource for investors that would like to learn how to make money trading penny stocks.

We Offer:

  • Free educational content on the website that includes a high probability trading strategy, trading rules I developed that will dramatically help you cut losses, and tips and techniques you can use to consistently exit your trades with a profit.

  • A free newsletter we use to alert readers about stocks that are likely to trade higher short term, as well as an occasional long term trading idea.

  • A Free text alert service for those active traders that want information sent right to their phone.

Why We Do it

  1. To help you shorten the learning curve every successful trader goes through by teaching  you my proven trading strategy, time tested trading rules, and tips that allow you to maximize trading profits.

  1. To warn you. Penny stocks are not for everyone. Many investors never make money because they don’t have the the personality it takes, or the time to learn to trade them successfully. In our trading rules section, Ill ask you to ask yourself a couple questions designed to keep many of you on the sidelines so you can hold on to your money.

  1. To make money through advertising fees paid  by companies that would like to introduce their company or products to investors through ads on the website and newsletter and  earn affiliate commissions by referring you to services you may find helpful.

Our Promise

  • To be honest and upfront. Our goal is to help the investors that want to trade penny stocks, not to trick those that don’t.

  • To never sell, rent, or giveaway your email address. Ever.

  • To make it easy and painless to unsubscribe from our email or text service if you decide you want to be the first person to ever leave us for any reason.

Our service always has been and always will be free. Join now and you too can learn to trade penny stocks like a pro.

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