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Using Situational Analysis To Trade Penny Stocks

 WhisperfromWallStreet focuses on the predictable and profitable results that can  come from properly applying Situational Analysis.  Situational Analysis is nothing more than looking at events effecting a stock and  how investors respond to them. For NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ stocks, situational  analysis... [Read more]

Todays Watchlist

Clinical Stage Biotech Gets Fast Tracked (PMCB)

Hello, Happy Martin Luther King Day!  We spent the day looking for great opportunities and we found one that looks like it has big upside so let’s get right to it. Our alert for Tuesday is: PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc.. Ticker symbol: PMCB Last Price-... [Read more]

LTNC Benefits From Unemployment Rate Trend

Hi, There’s been a nice, one-two combination of positive news for the American economy over the last few weeks that set up a great opportunity for investors to add some nice profits to your portfolio. What am I talking about? First the positive... [Read more]

Can PNOW Become the ‘Expedia of the Caribbean’?

Hello, Online travel is huge right? The internet has forever changed the way people make flight and hotel reservations. The big boys in the online travel industry are snapping up small regional player’s which puts our alert for Tuesday right in... [Read more]

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Trade Like A Pro

Profit From the Big Money/ Human Nature Combo

  Some people try so hard to keep swing trading a mystery. Ever read one of those books that are hundreds of pages long that make your head spin? Technical jargon and impossible equations coupled with contradictory statements are enough to make you... [Read more]

Unlocking The World’s Most Powerful Trading Tool

Have you ever had a disastrous trading day? I have. Real train wrecks. The type that left your trading account and ego in shambles. I am thankful I stuck them out long enough to learn why they were happening and what I had to do to begin to limit them. Let’s... [Read more]

Sir/ Ma’am, Please Step Away From The Computer

Sometimes the survival of our trading account depends on our ability to just walk away but it is just so hard to do. After all, you might lose the rhythm of the market or a huge trend might emerge or worse, the trade you have been patiently waiting for,... [Read more]

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